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Mapsimise is a solution that has been designed so that your team can get the best from your data, an easy-to-use intuitive platform that helps your team understand your data by location.

Users can quickly create maps, import data, and build views and filters, plot customer data live from your CRM systems, build lists and much more.

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Start using Digital Mapping software to analyse and understand your data, gaining location intelligence

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  • Visualise all your business data in one view, on a map.
  • Helping you understand your CRM data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce & SugarCRM by location.
  • Build relationships between different data in your organisation.
  • Easily analyse your data, discover trends and make informed decisions.

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With Mapsimise you can upload or connect your chosen system directly to ours. With the below connectors you can visualise your Accounts and Contacts data, plan appointments and opportunities, filter and visualise your data.

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What our customers say

"Customer support makes this product well worth the purchase."
"This software is a robust edition to our new SugarCRM. We have a unique subgroup of contacts that needed to be mapped, and customer support worked with us to implement mapsimise in a way that would work best for our team. Not only that, but we actually had the senior development team working with us personally to make sure that our needs were met. Honestly, we had looked into using a competitors software to try and cut costs, but the support of this competitor was horrendous and the functionality wasn't even close to what Mapsimise could do. We are happy to be Mapsimise customers!"
"Review from a Commercial Property Surveyor- UK"
"As a commercial property company we are building up useful data on commercial properties which will help with different aspects of our work, including rental and valuation data. It is useful to be able to pinpoint information by location, without having to trawl through historic files of information for the data we need. Having our information on a visual platform is of huge benefit. We are very excited about Mapsimise."
"Amazing Software and an even Better Company"
"I've been using software created by this team for about 5 years. Due to some integration changes, we were forced to move to the new Mapsimise product faster than we would have really wanted to. But all in all, it was a revelation with just how much better it is. It's a ground-up re-imagining of the old software. It was intuitive enough that I was able to migrate our old implementation and users in less than a week. My users rave about the speed and new functionality and it has allowed us to start to really start to think about new ways to use our mapping capabilities."

Where do I begin?

If you're having any trouble understanding Mapsimise, let us help you. We have extended our information delivery to best help you get to where you need to be.

Mapsimise is an integral part to any business, and the team here are dedicated to proving exactly why that is the case. We understand that the world of geospatial business is not easy to understand, so we are here to help.

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