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The Mapsimise Team plan is perfect for medium to large businesses with up to 25 employees. Built specifically for teams, this plan extends Mapsimise single user functionality into a platform for multiple instances. So now you can share your maps and views seemlessly with other members of your team. The Mapsimise Team plan supports up to 25 users.

Data Tables

Data tables, an integral part to any business in both small and large corporations, both need a place to store data. With the Mapsimise Team plan we allow you to upload up to six seperate datasets, giving you six data-tables worth of your information to map.

Maps and Views

So what is a map and what is a view? It's simple. A map is your base layer that you load your data onto and a view is your data on that map. Once your data is uploaded you can edit and filter down to specifics, save the changes and this will create your very own view. With the Mapsimise Team plan you will be able to create and share unlimited maps and views publicly or with your team.


This Mapsimise plan has access to all of our CRM and marketing connectors. Our connectors are billed per organisation per month, meaning once you have included a connector in your billing options your whole team will have access to it. All you have to do is give them permission. To find out how this is done follow the link through to our knowldge base.

Layer data filter

Layer data filters are another clever way to filter your mapped data. With this tool you can return only relevant information based on words or numbers your accounts contain as well as many other forms of specified filtering. Follow the link below to see a live example of how this works.

Export to CSV and XLSX

If you have a large CRM system or not, we know the importance of exporting your data. This feature allows you to export all your filtered information to use externally to our application. Mapsimise supports both CSV and XLSX format for importing and exporting.

Develop and Advance Your Business with Our Team Plan

The Mapsimise Team price plan is the most sort after package we offer. With this plan you will have access to our support line as well as additional features to Mapsimise out of the box solution.

We would recommend the Mapsimise Team plan to any medium to large sized company that use a shared system internally, whether that is spreadsheet data or a CRM. The Mapsimise team plan also offers the ability to purchase additional connectors to which you can find more information about in our supported systems page in the link below.

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Commonly asked questions about this plan

  • Will I have access to support using this plan?

    Yes, with the Mapsimise Team plan you will have full access to our support channels.

  • Will my entire team have a copy of Mapsimise?

    The Mapsimise Team plan has been designed for exactly that. Mapsimise is a web based application so all saved information is safely stored on our servers and acts for you as cloud storage to be accessed from anywhere at anytime. If your team is more than one, but less than twentyfive, then Mapsimise Pro plan is perfect for you.

  • Can I connect my CRM system to Mapsimise?

    Below is a list a link to all the CRM systems Mapsimise currently supports. If your CRM is amongst this list then the process of connecting to our system is very easy. If you require any assistance then feel free to explore our knowledge base for answers to any questions you may have. Supported Crm Systems Knowledge Base

  • Why should I use Mapsimise and not just Google Maps?

    Although Google Maps is a great base map, and has many functions and features it just isn't enough to handle business data. Mapsimise loves google maps and couldn't think of a more iconic company to be associated with, so we take the best of Google maps and extend the application for with own features.

  • Can I use my maps on my website with this plan?

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